How To Add An Icon Into VB Project?


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Here is a tutorial on adding an Icon into your VB Project. This method does not require any 3rd party icon changer programs. The only requirement is Visual Basic software and this method will focus on its inbuilt feature. Enjoy the tutorial and do not forget to reply here if you liked it!

FIRST OF ALL YOU NEED AN ICON! An Icon is a .ico file. Obtaining Icon for saturated niches is really easy. For this tutorial lets take our niche as a Facebook Account Hacker.

Here are the steps to obtain the Icon!

1). Go to
2). Lets Search Facebook, since it is our niche related keyword
3). You will get many good images in results.
4). Choose the best one and click the ICO written on top left of the image. 5) The ico will be downloaded to your computer.

Now you have obtained your ICON. Lets now add it to our VB project without having to use Icon changer software. Here are the steps.

1). Launch Visual Basic
2). Create New Project/ Open Project
3). Once you have got your project. Double click on "My Project" in Solution Explorer

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 12.34.00 AM.png

4). Now you will see a window like this. Click on the drop down and choose Browse.

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 12.34.22 AM.png

5). Browse and choose the ICON you downloaded earlier.
6). Once done, your Project has got an icon. No need to use any 3rd party programs.

Now to get the icon appear on the taskbar and on the top left side of the form, follow these instructions.

1). Click on the form to select it
2). In the properties section find a property named icon
3). Change the current displayed ICON with your downloaded icon by browsing
4). When done it will appear instantly on the form's top left corner and in windows taskbar when debugging.

So Now you added an ICON to your project without any other software.