How To Scale a Digital Marketing Agency?


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Hey guys,

I like to share some of my tips and tricks on how to scale a digital marketing agency to Vultrum community.

Little bit about my background. I am a digital marketer, I've been in this field for 10 years. I've worked for 3 different marketing agencies before starting my own. Going in
going in the 5th year of successfully operating my agency. I got to say, I did learn a lot from other companies I worked with. Failures and challenges I faced. It might not sound super cool as some guys on social media claiming that they've made $10 million a year but I can tell you that I was able to scale my agency from $130,000 a year to $720,000 a year.

So I am not going to waist any more time and dive right into what I got for you.

There are different type of mindsets you need to have in order to effectively scale your agency.

Failure — You are going to fail and there is no avoiding it. Many marketer when they first start fail but 90% quit. My advice to you is that failure is your best teacher and when you do fail instead of giving up, get back up.

Get Your CashFlow Right — The cashflow is the king. Always make more than you did last month. No matter how big of a month your previous month was. If you are pulling over $20,000 a month. It doesn't matter, you should be always making more than you made last month. And if you are not making more than you made last month then you are not growing. Your clients are not staying on and you are going to be in the same exact position you started and your going be doing the same thing over and over every-month instead of growing.

Surround Yourself With Right People — What I mean by this is people you want to be like. Identify these people in the industry and shadow them. Before you even start your agency. Get a job in the agency, even if you have to work for FREE. Doesn't matter. Idea is to be around people you want to be like. It's very important for you to cut lose all the negative people in your life and replace them with those who you want to be like. Those people who you are trying to emulate will teach you how to be like them and will get you in the energy where you will operate at your fullest potential.

Forget The Money Goal — Many marketers focus on how much money they are going to make this month. WRONG. your focus should be on helping your clients and how many you can actually help. Forget about closing $5k, $10k, $20k monthly deals and actually focus on helping the business owner out. These business owners can read people and they can absorb your energy, they can sense it when you are in for the money so shift your focus so you don't lose a deal. If you feel like you can not help them then do not take them as a client. Your reputation is everything in this business and you don't want to risk it for some short term gain. I had few cases like this where I couldn't perform so I referred them to my competitors and earned respect in trade.

What Type of Habits You Need to Form?

Habit #1 —
Just like you wake up every morning to brush your teeth, You have to make the prospecting your daily habit. You have to do whatever you need to do whether it is a cold email, cold call, going to the local events, attending to the networking group meet-ups you have to make this a habit.

Habit #2 — Pay attention to your calendar like your pay attention to your email. You gotta be on your calendar everyday. You have to set appointments everyday. Because more appointments you will set the more money you will make. I set up virtual meetings, face-to-face meetings and even lunch meetings to close a deal. Normally every 15 I set I close around 7-10 deals.

Habit #3 —
Learn how to automate your process. Don't start a business so you can go work there everyday. Start a business so you can innovate, scale and make more money. Streamline your process and remove yourself from the business. Now in the beginning you will have to do some work yourself but once you start having some capital you have invest into building a team that will carry all your responsibilities and deliver the work for you. If you trying to build a long term business you got to focus on building a team and automating it, if you trying to make some quick money then you can cash-out your profits.

Habit #4 — Know your KPI's if you don't know what that means. It stands for Key Performance Indicators. For example knowing how many emails you have to sent out to get certain amount of appointments. So let's say you send out 50 emails from that you get 10 set appointments and from that you close 2 deals. Same thing with the phone calls, now it doesn't 100% work like that, it is little different for everyone but knowing your KPI will help you know exactly how many calls or emails you have to send out to get a client if a existing client decides to cancel your services.

How To Pick The Industry?

Here are some good rules to follow when picking the industry you want to go after.

Do Your Research — Instead of just jumping into it head and toe, take your time and deeply research the industry. Number one mistake many agencies make which results in failure is going after any industry they can get their hands on instead of picking one, studying ins and outs, learning everything and knowing what works, what doesn't work and which strategies to operate with. So before you do the research, don't jump into the saturated industry, don't just not do the research, take time and find industry.

Do NOT go after the basics — Like don't go after the dentists or common businesses everyone is going after. Yes you can but by going after what every tom, dick and hary is going after you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Take Your Time — When picking the industry take your time. Do your research, don't go after the basics and you should be able to pick not saturated ready to go after industry.

In order for you to scale your agency you have to pick one industry you are going to go after.


Usually if your high ticket client sells high ticket items they are going to be receptive to paying high ticket price for your services. If the GYM is selling their memberships for $120 they are willing to pay $30-$40 to sell that membership. But they are not going to be open to paying $1,000 to selling that membership. However if you are targeting like for example roofing company they are selling $7,000 to $20,000 deals. They are going to be more receptive to spending $3,000 to $5,000 a month to land those big jobs.

Generate Quality Leads — Know you can deliver, if you can not deliver no problem. Find experienced marketers in the industry you are trying to operate in and have them do the work. The best way to hire people is to steal them but second best way is to network with other marketers and give them that opportunity.

Find Untapped industries — There are tons of unsaturated industries you can go after. There are businesses that need your help so look for industries and businesses not a lot of marketers are talking about or going after.

Easily Reachable — Instead of going after the businesses where you have to go through 50 people before you speak with the decision maker. Just go after the easily reachable businesses. It will save you tons of time.

Big Market — Go after industries that have big market. You don't want to go after the industries where there is only 2,000 leads for you to reach out to.


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How To Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency?

There is tons of different ways you can look for clients and generate leads for your agency. There are advertising platforms, Google Ad words, Social Media Channels but we are going to go in little more detail.

Let's take builders for example.

You can go to websites like Houzz and identify the companies that are promoting their ad on this website. You do not want to work with the ones that are not advertising all though you can try to convince them to invest some marketing dollars but ones that are already doing it they see the value in it.

The second choice of source is HomeAdvisor here businesses are very receptive to lead-gen so you can search for "Top Builders Near Me" or be little more specific. When you see the HomeAdvisor listings click on it and you can pick the companies you can contact from there.

Another great source is Yelp, it's better to find the ones that are advertising on Yelp visit their website and get their contact information.

And my final favorite is finding the companies that are spending money on Google Adwards.

Key here is to look for the people who are investing money on advertising, Because if you go after like mom-and-pop shots, first of all these guys are not already investing in themselves and are not going to take your service seriously. It's like a completely new thing to them. Also they have not worked with any of the leads so their sales cycle is probably terrible. They are going to except crazy results in short term without understanding that this game is long-term.

How To Get The Targeted List For The Industry You Are Going After?

For this I normally go on the website I am trying to work with and check out their about us to see who owns the business, a lot of the time email that's attached on the website is the email of the owner.

Once you have their email and name. Open up your Google Sheets and nicely organize the list of your prospects.

How To Cold Email Your Prospects?

Like I said earlier you have to make it a habit to prospect leads everyday. And staying consistent everyday.

You want to also avoid the spam. One it's illegal and two it's not going to get you anywhere. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT send 10,000 emails to business owners and cross your fingers.

When emailing you got to follow the can spam act. If you don't know what that is just look it up.

Know you KPI's here is your KPI, this will allow you to scale. If you want to bring additional 10 clients a board you have to know your %. How many emails you got to send to get X amount appointments.

The NEXT step your GOAL has to be to get more APPOINTMENTS. Focus on getting APPOINTMENTS. If your prospect asks you for pricing do not discuss the pricing always tell them our prices vary due to unique needs of different clients. You have to try to get them to sign up to meet with you, that appointment is more important than anything.


Only have one call to action. Do not have more than one.

The Tools You Need For COLD Email Strategy

  1. — This tool is designed to help you scrape the emails it's $39 a month but it is worth the investment.
  2. Find a Platform Where Your Potential Clients Are Actively Advertising on
  3. Gsuit Account — You need this to have a professional email so you don't look like some unprofessional guy trying to make a quick buck. This is $12 a month but you have to have this.
How To Write a Perfect Cold Emails?

This as to be short, simple and attention grabbing.

Subject Line: Pay For The Results

Hey there,

I would like to refer you roofing customers and you only pay for the results.

I am so confident in my results that I will personally guarantee you with 30 leads every month and you only pay if I achieve those results.

Facebook ads are literally a gold mine right now and I am generating over 300 leads for my roofing clients every month.

No longer you have to spend money on billboards, paper or 3rd party websites to try to attract your ideal customers. On Facebook ads we are spending $20 to $30 to get one qualified lead.

If you are interested in exact results I have explained above

Than click here to schedule a free consultation

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best Regards,

Armado Miller

There is different variations of great emails you can work with, here is another good one you can do:

Hey John

I saw you were actively advertising on Houzz (Where You Saw Them). I specialize in getting high qualified ready to buy leads for home builders(What Kind of Leads You Specialize In Getting Them). I recently helped a home builder generate 30 leads in a single month through the use of Facebook ads (Case Study). No longer are our clients having to send out flyers or direct mail to get leads (What They Hate About Marketing/Pain Points). We are literally spending $5 a lead on Facebook and are converting around 10% into buyers (What You Are Spending To Acquire Their Ideal Customer). I’m so confident in my results that I guarantee 50 leads a month or your money back. (Guarantee - Optional)

If you are interested in seeing how we do it.

Then Click Here To Schedule A Free Consultation With Me (Call To Action)


Then Just Reply “Yes” To This Email


Armado Miller

What to do after you send out an Email and don't receive a reply?

Here are so variations of emails you can use to follow up.

Message 1:

Hey (Name)

Just checking in to see if you received my message I sent the other day?

I would love to hop on a quick chat to discuss more


Your Full Name

Message 2:

Hey (Name)

I won’t bother you too much because I know you’re busy.

Just wanted to do a quick check up and see if you got my message I sent the other day?

I specialize in helping (Industry) with (X) as mentioned on my linkedin profile.

I would love to hop on the phone for a bit to chat more


Your Full Name

Message 3:

Hey (Name)

This will be my last message, I swear!

I wanted to ask if you were still interested in hopping on a quick phone call? I would love to teach you in depth of what I am doing to help (Industry) with (X).


Your Full Name


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Once you gather a pretty solid list you want to use a tool Yesware for your cold emails.

You can use this tool to schedule out emails. I recommend you starting out 25 to 30 emails a day. Once you get a good rates with your scaled message you can increase the daily number to 100 to 200 a day.

How To Handle The Objections?
Prospect: How much is it?

Hey (Name),

My packages vary based on the value I believe I could provide you. I would love to hop on a quick chat to discuss packages and the pricing availability we could figure out for your business?

When would be a good time to chat?


Your Name


Prospect: Call Me At (Number)

Hey (Name)

We’re currently being overrun with the amount of replies that we’re getting back from people interested in scheduling a time.

If you could book here: (Calendly Link)

Then it would make both of our jobs easier.


Your Name

Prospect: What does your service include?

Hey (Name)

We do a multitude of things including building out high converting ads for your business. Building out unique landing pages to get high optin rates whenever someone clicks on your ad and a multitude of other things like that.

When would be a good time to chat so we could talk more about this?


Your Name


Prospect: Who do you work for? What is your company’s website?

In this case scenario. You should have a signature including your website name and who you are. Usually I don’t pay heavily too these types of replies.

Prospect: How about I pay you per closing or deal?

Hey (Name)

Unfortunately we don’t work under that type of model. In that case scenario we would be depending on your sales process in order to get paid. If you don’t close any deals off of the leads that we provide then our business would plummet due to the fact that we have to pay employees and aren’t getting paid. However, I would love to work something out over the phone!

When would be a good time to chat?


Your Name


Let me know if you guys have any questions?